VA - Hed Kandi World Series Miami Vol 2

Artist: VA
Title: Hed Kandi World Series Miami Vol 2
Label: Hed Kandi Records
Genre: House
Quality: 320 kbps mp3 download
Date: 11 March 2012

part 1
part 2



01. DJ Eibhlin - World Series Volume 2 Pool Party Mix (International Version)
02. Carl Hanaghan - World Series Volume 2 The Club Mix (International Version)


03. Joris Voorn Vs Moby - After The After
04. Soul Central - Strings Of Life (Supernova Edit)
05. J Paul Getto - 3000 (Original)
06. Will Power Vs Garrett & Ojelay - So In Love (Original Mix)
07. Reza feat. Max 'C' - Put It On (Mike Newman Kandi Mix)
08. Chez Damier - Can You Feel It (Supernova Remix Edit)
09. Dirty Secretz - Cuba (Original Mix)
10. Hed Kandi Glitterarti - Top Of The World (Reza Remix)
11. Todd Terry & The Gypsymen - Babarabatiri (Copyright Remix)
12. Jay Vegas - All About House Dub
13. Crazibiza & DJ Wady - Hands Together (Original Mix)
14. Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez - Come With You (Original Mix)
15. Timo Juuti & Hector 87 - Cheap Bad Moves (Original Mix)
16. Treasure Fingers & Codes feat. Amy Douglas - Blowin Up (Instrumental)
17. Ghosts Of Venice - Don't Stop The Music (Club Mix)
18. Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Eyes Wide Open
19. Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay - In My Mind (Axwell Mix)
20. Inpetto - No More Serious Faces
21. Hed Kandi Glitterarti - Let The Sun Shine In (Roger Williams Remix)
22. Darryl Green feat. Shena - The Tears In My Eyes (Original Mix)
23. Carl Hanaghan - South Beach Love
24. Patrick Hagenaar feat. AMPM - L.O.V.E. (You Give The) (Vocal Mix)
25. Jonas Fehr - Vice Moves
26. The New Iberican League - Get Up
27. ATFC - This Is Not A Test (Edit)
28. Tim Mason - Anima
29. Swanky Tunes, Matisse and Sadko - The Legend (Edit)
30. Alesso - Raise Your Head (Edit)
31. Moguai - Mpire
32. Lovely Laura & Tyrrell - Paris (Mark Maitland Remix)

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VA - Hed Kandi World Series Miami Vol 2 VA - Hed Kandi World Series Miami Vol 2
Artist: VATitle: Hed Kandi World Series Miami Vol 2Genre: HouseQuality: 320 kbps mp3 downloadDate: 11 March 2012Size: 785 Mb

VA - Hed Kandi (A Taste Of Kandi VA - Hed Kandi (A Taste Of Kandi
Artist: VATitle: Hed Kandi (A Taste Of KandiGenre: HouseQuality: 320 kbps mp3 downloadDate: 04 January 2012Size: 393 Mb

VA - Hed Kandi The Singles VA - Hed Kandi The Singles
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VA - Hed Kandi Fit And Fabulous 2012 VA - Hed Kandi Fit And Fabulous 2012
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VA - Hed Kandi The Singles VA - Hed Kandi The Singles
Artist: VATitle: Hed Kandi The Singles Genre: HouseQuality: 320 kbps mp3 downloadDate: 05 December 2012Size: 150 Mb

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